Second Edition of Ochshorn's Structural Elements for Architects and Builders Published

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The photo for the cover of the second edition of Structural Elements features the Schwartz Auditorium ceiling in Cornell's Rockefeller Hall, and was taken by Ochshorn's wife, Susan Schwartz.

September 14, 2015

The revised and expanded second edition of architecture professor Jonathan Ochshorn's Structural Elements for Architects and Builders (Common Ground Publishing, 2015) explains how to design and analyze columns, beams, tension members, and their connections. The material includes all necessary data for the preliminary design and analysis of these structural elements in wood, steel, and reinforced concrete.

The second edition includes an introduction to statics and strength of materials, an examination of loads, and new sections on material properties and construction systems. In addition, the revised text reorganizes the chapters according to structural material rather than structural action (i.e., tension, compression, and bending). Appendices included at the end of each chapter contain tables and graphs based on material contained in industry publications, but reorganized and formatted especially for this publication. Free structural calculators have been created for many examples in the book.

The first edition of Structural Elements was published by Butterworth-Heinemann in 2009.

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