Scarlett Yiou Zuo: Data Science Application with MongoDB and Amazon Web Services

After graduating from Cornell University, Scarlett Zuo (Ph.D. RS '14) started her career as a data scientist at Teralytics in Zurich, Switzerland, where she worked with telecommunications data to derive people’s mobility patterns. She joined CelsiusPro in 2016, where she managed and visualized various types of climate data for indexed insurance. In addition, she became the scrum master in their agile development team. After returning to Ithaca in the spring of 2017, Zuo set up her own consulting firm. As a certified MongoDB developer and DBA, she helps her clients establish MongoDB replica sets on cloud services such as Amazon Web Services. She designs database schema to ensure highly efficient queries specifically for her clients' application. For analyzing data and visualization, she uses Python and R. She now has clients both locally and abroad.


In this talk, Zuo will talk about one data science application — weather indexed insurance — backed up with MongoDB on Amazon Web Services. To start, she will cover some basic knowledge of NoSQL database and specifically, MongoDB. What is NoSQL? What’s the advantage of MongoDB? What is a horizontal scale-up versus a vertical scale-up? What is a Replica Set? Zuo will then show some examples of how different types of weather data are stored in MongoDB, including weather station data and raster data. After preparing the back end she will demonstrate the front end, including some visualization of the data queried from the database.

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