Samia Henni: War Zones (gta Verlag, 2018), Book Launch

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Please join AAP alumni, students, and colleagues to celebrate the launch of War Zones, edited by Samia Henni (gta Verlag, 2018).

After the Second World War and the onset of the Cold War, warfare took different forms, and war zones became gradually blurred and often undeclared. People, landscapes, and built environments came to be subjugated to the strains and constraints of these forms of war, serving both civil and military purposes of armed conflicts. The contributions to War Zones investigate some of these implicit or explicit conditions, legacies, and impacts. From colonial or total war, asymmetric war or counterinsurgency, to barricaded or besieged cities, refugee camps or borderlines, to nuclear bunkers or ‘war ghosts,’ to the state of emergency and drone warfare, these texts disclose the spatial aspects, statuses, and formation processes of past and current war zones.

With contributions by Nora Akawi, Silvia Berger Ziauddin, Jean-Louis Cohen, Samia Henni, Léopold Lambert, Asja Mandić, Stanislaus von Moos, Arsalan Rafique, Ayesha Sarfraz, Ismae’l Sheikh Hassan, Eva Schreiner, Felicity D. Scott, Alfredo Thiermann, and Daniel Weiss.

War Zones is designed by büro uebele and distributed in the U.S. by the University of Chicago Press.  

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The launch event will feature a book talk by Samia Henni, followed by a reception and book signing. Copies will be available for sale. 

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