Sam Price: Is This Not Happy?!

Abstract painting of different swirls of green yellow, red, blue, white with human figures mixed in.

Is This Not Happy?! (2019), acrylic triptych, (left panel) 24" x 18".

In Sam Price's (B.F.A. '21) Is This Not Happy?!, visitors can rotate the work to contemplate new ways of observing art in an exhibition setting. Sam begins his art by adding color until forms emerge, then elaborates on his perceptions in different directions. Entities bleed into other entities through their representational similarities and drive the process forward through an approach integrating imagination, pareidolia, memory, and the mind's eye. The resulting images are an amalgamation of organic elements, strange landscapes, and patterns that are conducive to imaginative analysis. Process videos accompany the work as a kinetic means of understanding the development of ideas.

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