Sam Price: Frame of Reference

Abstract painting of colorful shapes forming eyes and faces which depict a surreal landscape.

Genetic Memory (2018), acrylic, 16" x 20".

My work is inspired by our innate desire for connection, which I look to accomplish with representations of perceptual byproducts of the body and mind. Our species understands drawing to be an act involving mark-making to express ideas. I view the universe to be a physical extension of this principle, whereby all phenomena are inherently drawings conducted by ebbs and flows of mass from energy. The body is one of these drawing tools, but it is the tool by which we fathom the observable. When I paint, I seek to express the highly visceral and psychological underpinnings behind one's grasp of reality. Whether it be molecular structures that influence emotion, momentary glimpses that embed themselves in the subconscious, or how we interpret entities based on memories, the content of my art is driven by a philosophy that humanity runs on the same software, but under vastly different conditions from person to person. I hope to unite observers by conveying our unseen similarities.

~ Sam Price (B.F.A. '21)

Frame of Reference is an exhibition featuring work from Sam Price (B.F.A. '21).

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