Sabin and Adeyemi Make Metropolis New Talent 2014 List

Jenny Sabin and Kunlé Adeyemi with desks and students in the background.

Jenny Sabin and Kunlé Adeyemi in the Frances Schloss Studio.

October 30, 2014

Architecture's Jenny Sabin, Wiesenberger Assistant Professor, and Kunlé Adeyemi, Baird Visiting Critic, are among the 10 people that comprise Metropolis magazine's New Talent 2014 list.

The list, which appears in the October issue, features emerging designers who are employing a wide variety of disciplines — including sound, biodesign, development policy, and urbanism — into their work.

"We are thrilled to have not just one but two of the ten people on this list with us here at Cornell this semester," says Mark Cruvellier, department chair and Nathaniel and Margaret Owings Professor of Architecture. "Both Jenny and Kunlé are making creative breakthroughs and innovations that are expanding the scope of architectural practice into new frontiers and in so doing are playing key roles in educating future design professionals."

Each designer on the list was nominated by a leading industry figure. Sabin, credited in the list as being "her field's leading scientist," was nominated by Inga Saffron. Sarah Herda nominated Adeyemi's firm, NLÉ: "Focusing on growing African cities, [Adeyemi] creates buildings with the potential for long-lasting impact."

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