Ruth Schwartz: Developing Resources and Housing for the Homeless

City and Regional Planning Practice Colloquium

Ruth Schwartz is the founder and executive director of Shelter Partnership, Inc., a nonprofit organization established in 1985 that develops strategic housing solutions and resources for Los Angeles County’s growing homeless population. Shelter Partnership’s research and planning efforts are widely utilized by public officials, the media, and business leaders. Their recent focuses have been on the needs of individuals who have a dual-diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse as well as the growing population of adults over age 62. Shelter Partnership’s technical-assistance efforts have resulted in more than a quadrupling of the short-term housing system, as well as the development of thousands of permanent housing units for homeless people with special needs and families. Schwartz serves on the California Department of Housing and Community Development’s Loan Advisory Committee. She has received numerous awards, including the 2000 Award from the National Alliance to End Homelessness for Outstanding Non-Profit. Ruth received her master’s degree from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at UCLA.