Renato Nicolini Lecture: Architecture and Politics: The Politics of Rome

Cornell in Rome Spring 2008 Lecture Series

Architect Renato Nicolini is a professor of architectural design at the University of Reggio Calabria. Nicolini’s diverse career spans former positions as head of the Cultural Department for the City of Rome, member of the Italian Parliament, and head of the Department of City Identity for Naples. Inventor of the “Estate Romana” festival in the late 1970s, he also directed the Volterra Teatro and served as President of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.  Nicolini has written and performed in theater, radio, and cinema. Among his publications are L’architettura di Roma Capitale (with Fraticelli and Accasto, Roma, 1971); L’architettura delle città nuove (Latina, 1987); Estate Romana (Siena, 1990).

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