Renato Funicello: Architecture and Landscape: Geology and Geography of the City

Cornell in Rome Spring 2008 Lecture Series

Renato Funicello, born in Tripoli, Libya, is Vice President of the National Institute for Geophysics and Director of the Department of Geological Sciences at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre (the Third University of Rome).  Much of Funicello’s scientific career has focused on structural geology, vulcanology, and geothermal research, including working with NASA on the international Apollo project and with the Lunar Receiving Laboratory of Manned Spacecraft Center of Galveston, Texas. Funicello has authored numerous geological and geothermal studies on the Mediterranean area, as well as the geology of urban areas within the region. He is coauthor (with Heiken and De Rita) of The Seven Hills of Rome, which is an analysis of the extraordinary links between urban geology and the history of the city of Rome.

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