Raynaldo Perugini: An Event in Stone: The Fosse Ardeatine Memorial

Giuseppe Perugini - Schizzo Autografo.

Giuseppe Perugini - Schizzo Autografo. photo / Raynaldo Perugini

Raynaldo Perugini has taught history of architecture at the Architecture Faculty, the University of Roma La Sapienza, and the University of Roma Tre. He has been a visiting professor at Houston University, and has taught history of contemporary architecture at universities in Belfast and Vienna, and most recently at Arizona State University, the University of Colorado, and the École d’Architecture de Nantes.

Perugini books include: Dell’architettura filosofica (Rome 1983); Periplo Architettonico (Rome 2008); and La Lezione Della Storia (Rome 2012).


The main theme of this lecture deals with the historical and architectural description of one of the most important examples of contemporary architecture in Rome after World War II: the Fosse Ardeatine Memorial. Originally conceived of as a symbolic, yet concrete way to celebrate a wartime event, the memorial shows a very peculiar way of interpreting the ideal of modern architecture. Classic and anti-classic at the same time, it is free of all stylistic and decorative references to the monumental architecture of the past, showing a precise series of architectural choices perfectly in line with tradition. Perspective, geometry, optical corrections, and psychological attention converge making this monument an example of great architecture.


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