Raymond Craib, Neema Kudva, Suman Seth: A Conversation on The City and the City by China Miéville

Detail from China Mielville's The City and the City book cover

Detail from China Miélville's The City and the City book cover.

International Studies in Planning Fall 2014 Lecture Series


Raymond Craib is an associate professor of history at Cornell with eclectic research and teaching interests focused primarily on the modern histories of Mexico and Chile. He is currently researching and writing on right-wing libertarian "escape geographies," particularly post 1945. This work looks at the long lineage of anarcho-capitalist thinking that has come back to the fore in recent years with the rise of Silicon Valley opt-out culture, seasteaders, and privatized space travel. Craib is the author of Cartographic Mexico (2004).

Suman Seth is an associate professor of science and technology studies at Cornell. He works on the social, cultural, and intellectual history of modern science. Seth's interests include the history of the physical sciences (particularly quantum theory), gender and science, race, and colonialism. Seth is the author of Crafting the Quantum (2010). His current research is on the history of medicine, anthropology, and colonialism.

Neema Kudva is an associate professor of city and regional planning at Cornell. She is interested in institutional structures that undergird equitable planning and development. Kudva’s recent research focuses on a range of issues linked to rapid international urbanization, particularly as related to small cities and their regions where the bulk of the urban population currently lives. Kudva is coeditor (with Lourdes Beneria) of Rethinking Informalization (2005) and Cities of the Global South Reader (2014), with Faranak Miraftab.

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