Raw Expo 2019: Five Senses

Raw Expo 2019 will focus on the five senses as we commemorate the fifth anniversary of the event.

The human experience is shaped by our senses so as designers, creators, and, even more broadly, problem solvers, we hope to explore the incorporation of the senses in our works. This year we focus on the ways in which we connect with one another and the interactions we create with the world around us. Bringing together more than 40 projects from across all seven schools at Cornell (and beyond), we hope to find and build connections across disciplines.

Participating groups include:

  • Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  • Life Changing Labs
  • The Straight Edge
  • Art Majors Organization
  • Cornell iGem
  • Guac magazine
  • Cornell Rocketry Team
  • The Collective Liberation
  • AguaClara

...and many more!

RSVP to see how your peers create and be inspired by the projects that change our campus.

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