Public Participation for International Planners Workshop

Many people working in international development face daily obstacles in culture and communication, where participatory tools for engaging with communities, assessing real needs, and identifying resources are a critical first step for building effective and sustainable projects. This workshop will introduce a few of these participatory tools, including community mapping and calendar sketching, and how to practically apply them in the field. Within an interactive session, participants will become familiar with the tools themselves, how to facilitate sessions and interpret findings responsibly, in addition to discussing the advantages and limitations of these methods.

Lindsay Carter (M.R.P. '12)
Prior to entering the masters in regional planning program, Lindsay Carter served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Benin, West Africa. She worked to facilitate numerous sustainable projects with local entrepreneurial groups. In addition, Carter taught workshops and classes on using participatory analysis to training volunteers and Beninese NGO workers.

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