Projecting Cities

Curated by the students of ARCH 6805, under the guidance of Professor Mary N. Woods and Andrew Weislogel, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum's curator of European art before 1800, this exhibition is on view in the museum's Kress Study Gallery from December 4, 2012 to February 3, 2013. 

Projecting Cities investigates the ways in which the inhabitant and the city project off one another to reveal the interactions between the past and the present, the technological and the topographical, the individual and the collective. This exhibition and its cities create projections onto each other, complicating and activating the spaces among the artists, inhabitants and viewers.

The works we have selected reflect a range of subjects, from a stereocard view of Picturesque Shops and Crowds in Yokohama, Japan, to Harry Callahan's Alley, Chicago, mounted on two large panels, never before exhibited at the museum. The exhibition includes a range of media, from the films of Gordon Matta-Clark to the photographs of Robert Frank and Margaret Bourke-White. We hope this carefully selected collection of works creates an internal and external dialogue for our viewers about projecting oneself into these artworks, just as the artists, subjects, and curators have done in these urban spaces.

The students of ARCH 6805: Andrew Hart, Gokhan Kodalak, Dan Li, Anna Mascorella, Sean McGee, Annie Schentag, and Vani Subramanian.

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