Profoto and Phase One: Photo Shoot and Lunch

camera with PhaseOne logo and headshot of a woman in a white shirt with clouds and glitter behind her

photo / Iain Crawford

Are you interested in trying out professional studio lighting equipment and/or digital medium format cameras?

If so, please join us for a two-hour photographic equipment workshop featuring Profoto studio lighting and Phase One digital cameras.

This hands-on workshop is an opportunity to use Phase One 50- or 100-megapixel medium format cameras and Profoto professional electronic flash lighting with technical assistance from the equipment representatives. Students are encouraged to bring their creative ideas and lead or assist in photo shoots throughout the event. Shoots will be dictated by student ideas and could include portraiture, still life, or documentation of work. Bring your ideas!

Equipment available for use includes:

  • Profoto D2 and B2 monolight electronic flash units
  • Phase One XF cameras with 50- and 100-megapixel digital backs

Lunch will be provided.

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