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Architectural pedagogy can be a shifty character, one that takes on many guises. But fundamental to architectural pedagogy at Cornell is the rigorous development of critical thought, one that privileges the exploration of architectural concepts as informed by the concerns of space, structure, material, history, theory, ecology, culture, and context, as well as the representational processes and tactics that inform their trajectories. Plate is thus conceived on one hand as a demonstration of a Cornell pedagogy and on the other as giving presence to the multiple voices who develop those pedagogies into a collection of unique manifestations and atmospheres. For Plate is intentionally not a broad, nor comprehensive, record of work, but a sense of a design studio's engagement with an adaptation of a more general set of pedagogical concerns.

In parallel to the projects, each Plate also includes a critical essay that frames the pedagogy of the studio. These essays are either authored by the studio faculty or an invited critic and hope to situate the work of the studio in an expanded discourse. Going forward it is the ambition of Plate to include topical essays and projects from department seminars and lectures.

This second edition, Plate 2.0, has been designed and edited by Andrea Simitch and Dillon Pranger, along with the assistance of a cohort of generous student editors and volunteers.

On Wednesday, April 24, Plate 2.0 will be launched. Individual copies will be sold for $5, with sets of five for $20. ***Please bring cash or payment by Cornell Card only!***

Numerical assignation for each Plate has been developed as follows:

  • O_18f (Option Studios Fall 2018)
  • E_18f (Elective Seminars Fall 2018)
  • EP_18f (Expanded Practice Studio Fall 2018)
  • O_18s (Option Studios Spring 2018)*
  • O_17f (Option Studios Fall 2017) **
  • B1_18s (B.Arch. First Year Spring 2018)*
  • B1_17f (B.Arch. First Year Fall 2017) **
  • B2_18s (B.Arch. Second Year Spring 2018)*
  • B3_18s (B.Arch. Third Year Spring 2018)*
  • M1_18s (M.Arch. First Year Spring 2018)*
  • M1_17f (M.Arch. First Year Fall 2017) **
  • M2_18s (M.Arch. Second Year Spring 2018)*
  • M3_18s (M.Arch. Third Year Spring 2018)*

*A limited number of the spring 2018 copies are available.
**Fall 2017 copies are out of print.

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