Planning students and professor hold spotlight APA annual conference

March 27, 2009

Lingwen Zheng (M.R.P. ’09) has been awarded the American Planning Association’s (APA) Economic Development Division Graduate Scholarship for her paper entitled, "Trapped in a Race to the Bottom: Who is Using Economic Development Incentives Now."  The $1,000 scholarship will be presented to Zheng at the APA Conference in Minneapolis in April 2009.

The annual APA conference will also feature presentations from two M.R.P. students along with City and Regional Planning Professor Mildred Warner. Kathleen Hoover (M.R.P. ’10) will present on the session Planning for Family Friendly Communities and Erica Gutierrez (M.R.P. ’10) will present on the session Life-Cycle Housing: How to Keep Children, the Workforce, and Older Americans at Home in the City.

The presentations were developed as an extension of a collaborative project between Professor Warner, Evelyn Israel, and the APA on the role of planners in creating family-friendly cities.

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