Photographer Delogu connects with students in Rome

December 21, 2009

Internationally renowned Italian photographer and curator Marco Delogu continued his connection to the Cornell in Rome program with a number of recent visits at the palazzo. Impressed with the students’ work that he saw during a final critique in Visiting Critic Liana Miuccio’s photography class in November, Delogu volunteered to return to help plan their end-of-semester exhibition, including work selection.

Speaking positively about the class’s experience with Delogu, Lauren Cruvellier (B.F.A. ’12) said, “He treated us like artists, rather than students, and spared neither criticism or compliment. His ideas were interesting, and so was his work.”

“It was unbelievable that one of Italy’s most famous photographers and curators was willing to spend his time to be our critic," said architecture student Julio Torres-Santana (B.Arch. ’11).

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