Phillip Berke: Resilience and Climate Change Cooperative Project

Phillip Berke is a professor of land use and environmental planning in the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University, and director of the Institute of Sustainable Coastal Communities at College Station.


The Institute of Sustainable Coastal Communities at Texas A&M University has initiated a long-term collaborative research, engagement, and high impact learning venture called the Resilience and Climate Change Cooperative (R3CP). The core goal of the R3CP is to create a fundamentally different way to identify and tackle critical disaster resilience and climate change challenges that threaten communities around the world. The project has brought together faculty and students from urban planning and design, climatology, public health, and engineering to collect new data and synthesize existing information on how social and physical systems work. Two neighborhoods in inner-city Houston with a history of hazards vulnerability and environmental justice issues serve as living laboratories. R3CP believes in the importance of creating long-term change and colearning with communities to actualize their own resilience, and strives to apply the knowledge developed from the work in Houston to support research, community engagement, and educational activities throughout the U.S. and the world.

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