Phil Sanders: Printmaking Workshop 62 Years and Counting

Department of Art Fall 2010 Lecture Series

Phil Sanders is an artist and the director and collaborative master printer at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, a cooperative printmaking workspace that provides professional-quality printmaking facilities to artists and printmakers of every skill level. These seemingly disparate roles intertwine to influence and shape each other and his work. As a collaborative master printer he is fortunate to have a window into the creative processes of some of the greatest artistic minds of the past fifty years, and this experience has strengthened his individual artistic voice.

Sanders’s interest in printmaking stems from an interest in art and science. These fields involve similar creative processes rooted in experimentation and observation while simultaneously challenging and evolving historic absolutes. Though Sanders is a printer by training his work is not media specific and he often works through his conceptual goals via painting, drawing, photography, artist books, and sculpture. His current body of work parallels the mythology of American Western expansion with the contemporary cultural expansion of the global west.

Sanders has shown his own work internationally and is versed in lithography, intaglio, photo-gravure, relief, and bookbinding techniques. Sanders received a bachelor of fine arts in printmaking as well as a bachelor of arts in art education from the University of Florida.

Cosponsored by Africana Studies and Research Center and the Cornell Council for the Arts
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