Peter Christensen Lecture

Department of Architecture Fall 2010 Lunch Lecture Series

Peter Christensen (B.Arch. '05), a Ph.D. candidate in architecture at Harvard University, was a recipient of the 2009 Eidlitz Fellowship. Christensen will present findings from his research on Skansen in Stockholm. Largely considered the first open-air architecture Museum, Skansen follows many of the paradigms of museology and ethnography typical to European cultural institutions in the latter half of the 19th Century. However, it also departed greatly from norms for the consideration of architecture in a museum setting in its invocation of picturesque landscape principles. The presentation will introduce Skansen in this vein, and subsequently consider it in terms of early geopolitical thinking, a field whose formation is largely indebted to Swedish geographers and ethnographers whose principles likely influenced Skansen's constitution as simultaneously a peculiarly nationalist project and staunchly transnational endeavor.

Pizza will be served.

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