Paulo David: Liquid Territories

Casa das Mudas building.

Casa das Mudas building. photo / Fernando Guerra, FG + SG Fotographia

Department of Architecture Fall 2013 Lecture Series

Paulo David founded Paulo David Arquitecos in 2003; the practice is based in Funchal on the Madeira archipelago in Portugal — a place that has been the focus on his work. After graduating from the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, David went to work for architect João Luis Carrilho da Graça, followed by 10 years with Gonçalo Byrne, where emphasis was put on the importance of the terrain and where he had the chance to develop a number of projects on Madeira. David returned to Madeira in 1996 and began serving as a consultant to the Funchal town council. His firm is a small but diversified team that includes people who have worked with him on the Funchal project for more than 12 years.

David has dealt with a wide range of project programs and phases, the conceptual work for which has been heavily reliant on models of the terrain. In 2012, David received the Alvar Aalto Medal — awarded to an architect or architectural firm that has provided significant contributions to the field of architecture. "Since 2003, David has achieved a body of work that reflects the power of Madeira's tough physical environment, where his diverse building types range in scale from single family houses to multiple housing, art galleries, museums, swimming pools, and more, each being designed to read as much part of the landscape as being works of architecture."

This lecture is part of the Edgar A. Tafel Lecture Series.

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