Patrick Brennan: Burning Down the House

Lime green wavy Popsicle sticks layered together to form a house set against a spray painted street background.

This immersive site-specific installation fills Tjaden Hall's Experimental Gallery with paintings, sculptures, and video, creating an open labyrinth. Works are strategically placed throughout the gallery to encourage the viewers' imaginations and make clear that Brennan genuinely does not care how far over the top any one piece goes. The self-supporting layout doesn't appear to add up as a whole; rather, it reads as pockets or portals crammed with visual buzz. The various pieces are teeming with collage and layered paint, which gesture to the potential infinities of information lying just beneath the surface of everything, and if that chaos rattles the nerves, well, that's life.

Burning Down the House features work by Patrick Brennan (M.F.A. '20).

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