Painting by Art's Carl Ostendarp Featured in Group Show in Italy

Work by Carl Ostendarp

The work's title, Constancy to an Ideal Object, is taken from a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the size is taken from the Barnett Newman Stations of the Cross series in the National Gallery in Washington, DC.

October 14, 2015

Constancy to an Ideal Object, a 1991 work by art's Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Carl Ostendarp, is currently on display in a group show at the Collezione Maramotti, a private contemporary art collection located in the historical headquarters of Max Mara company, in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The exhibition, titled Industriale Immaginaro, presents works from the Collezione that have never been shown before, some belonging to the collection's first historical group of acquisitions.

Ostendarp's Constancy to an Ideal Object is foam urethane and Flashe paint on linen, and measures 78" x 60". The Collezione purchased the piece from a group show at the Mario Diacano Gallery in Boston in 1991.

"Recently, I've seen that my earlier work is increasingly being included in various kinds of museum and private collection survey-type exhibitions," says Ostendarp. "I suppose that these foam pieces are in some way emblematic of one aspect of New York abstract painting from the early 90s, which was, at the time, an embattled medium."

According to the gallery description, the works in Industriale Immaginaro were chosen to "illustrate some of the research in contemporary art that is explored through the use of typical industrial materials, the re-use of objects of industrial origin de-contextualized from their primary function, at the boundary between artisanal handiwork and industrial product in the creating process."

Other artists with work in the show include Wim Delvoye, Gregory Green, Peter Halley, Matthew Day Jackson, Annette Lemieux, Tom Sachs, and Andrea Zittel.

By Rebecca Bowes

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