Ostendarp earns recognition for installation

February 9, 2011

A collaborative installation called Plasti-Kool II, designed by Visiting Assistant Professor Carl Ostendarp and his wife, Gail Fitzgerald, a sculptor, was named one of the top ten art exhibitions in 2010 in Boston by Cate McQuiad, Boston Globe art critic.

Shown at the Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston, the installation consisted of walls painted in turquoise and powder blue, separated by an undulating horizontal line, which surrounded a series of white sculptures topped with brightly colored abstract objects. As McQuaid wrote, "The show delved into 20th-century abstraction, with nods to Jackson Pollock and Roy Lichtenstein, and took a kindergartner's delight in color and touch."

Another exhibit by Ostendarp, who has taught at Cornell for 11 years, is on display at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany. The museum has installed a room of Ostendarp's works on paper and gouaches from its collection, including a number of drawings for a mural he executed at the museum several years ago.

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