Option Studio: Cyclo: Architectures of Waste

Flowers made of recycled tampon cases and Cyclo spelled out in script type

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Cyclo: Architectures of Waste, an architecture studio taught by Edgar A. Tafel Associate Professor Caroline O'Donnell and Dillon Pranger (M.Arch. '15), teaching associate, with Hans and Roger Strauch Visiting Critics Dirk Hebel and Felix Heisel, investigates the potential in materials and their unique, formal, physical, temporal, economic, and ecological properties through points of intervention where these elements are failing to be properly addressed in New York's recycling streams. Using bones, applicators, paper cups, tires, motherboards, shoes, paper, egg cartons, plastic bags, and blue bottles, material flows and separation are rethought, transforming waste into architectural materials that can themselves be recycled at the end of their lifecycles.

Featured work by:

  • Jeremy Bilotti (B.Arch. '18)
  • Alejandro Finol (B.Arch. '19)
  • Lucy Flieger (B.Arch. '19)
  • Vanille Fricker (B.Arch. '19)
  • Ye He (M.Arch.II '18)
  • Isabella Hubsch (B.Arch. '19)
  • Manjinder Ruby Kaur (B.Arch. '18)
  • Evan Mcdowell (B.Arch. '19)
  • Brad Nathanson (B.Arch. '18)
  • David Rosenwasser (B.Arch. '18)
  • Magdalena Zink (B.Arch. '19)

This exhibition was curated by O'Donnell and Pranger.

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