One White Wall: The Copy Project

Celebrate the end of the semester at ONE WHITE WALL: "The Copy Project"

One White Wall is an exhibition/working/multipurpose space shared by fine arts faculty whose offices are at 726 University Ave. 

This is an informal event between 5 and 7 p.m. to chat about work, exchange ideas and relax.

Our December 12 we will end this semester by creating a collaborative installation. Please bring a "copy" 8-1/2" by 11" of one or your favorite works of art. We will tack each "copy" to the surfaces of "One White Wall".

If you are so inclined bring a snack/drink to share as well.

Fine Arts faculty at ONE WHITE WALL include: Wilka Roig, Kelly Dobson, Greg Halpern, David Estes, Renate Ferro, and Buzz Spector

To get to 726 University Ave.-One White Wall-Head down the hill from Tjaden, go in the front door, up the stairs to the left is Suite 101.

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