Nine Strategies for Landing Industry in the City

View through crane cab window: transferring salt from ship to shore.

The view through a crane cab window while transferring salt from ship to shore. photo / Landing Studio

Landing Studio is a design, research, and planning studio focused on designing the negotiation between global industrial operations and the everyday systems of urban life. The studio approaches the design of this relationship through a broad range of media and scales of intervention, including the design of landscape and infrastructure, buildings, operations agreements, art installations, festivals, and exhibitions.

99 Marginal is an ongoing project that Landing Studio began in 2005 to transform a 13,000,000-gallon asphalt tank farm into a new shared use industrial salt dock, public recreation, and wildlife habitat space. Today, 99 Marginal is the site of a 100,000-ton kinetic salt pile across the street from one of New England's densest residential neighborhoods — at the margin of the global infrastructure of the sea and the local fabric of the city.

For 99 Marginal, Landing Studio developed and implemented nine strategies of analysis, design, and building that aim to interweave the systems of the industrial operations with the urban realm. The strategies are presented here in two ways — as drawings that follow the ideas at the project scale, and photo juxtapositions of the ideas manifested in the industrial and urban realm.

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