Nadia Chernova: Good Old Neon

Painting of a child's play area with a train set on red and yellow table with a bright blue floor and ocean depicted wall with a pirate ship on it.

Celebration Schedule (2018), acrylic on canvas, 48" x 72".

The paintings in Good Old Neon are all connected by a series of questions about the process of painting, the nature of a digital encounter, and a search for an expansion of space. Ultimately, all these questions resonate with the sensation of solitude. The title refers to a story by David Foster Wallace about fruitless attempts to escape subjectivity. Even though there are no obvious references to the text in the show, the audience is welcome to ponder upon a question: what is the connection between images and literature outside of the literal? After all, subjective consciousness is a space, as well as an image.

Good Old Neon features work by Nadia Chernova (B.F.A. '20).

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