M.R.P. students visit NYC for the Metro Chapter APA conference

October 23, 2009

In September first and second-year M.R.P. students attended the American Planning Association (APA) NY Metro Chapter Biennial Conference held on the New York University campus in Greenwich Village.

The two-day conference titled “Planning for the New York Metropolitan Region in Challenging Economic Times” featured a panel discussion of practitioners examining current revisions to New York City’s twenty-first century goals of sustainability, incentives for affordable housing, and bolstering social equity and integration in light of a stubborn economy.

Highlights included distinguished keynote speakers and small panel breakout sessions of planning professionals debating topics from transportation megaprojects to preparation for the 2010 Census.

Liz Oo (M.R.P. ’11) found the sessions on transportation and project economic incentives to be especially useful. “Economic incentives went into depth about various financing strategies New York City utilizes to achieve certain goals, and what those goals might be (economic retention, expansion, and attraction), while transportation megaprojects provided a very informative and insightful overview of major projects like the 2nd Avenue subway, including the pros and cons of building one.”

Students had the opportunity to network with planning professionals including a sizable number of Cornell alumni. “Cornell alumni who work for the New York City Planning Department and other New York-based organizations gave us a lot of advice on classes, thesis, and internships,” said Su aee Shin (M.R.P. ’11).

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