M.R.P. students recognized for Marcellus Shale work

November 2, 2010

Thirteen students from Visiting Assistant Professor Katia Balassiano’s spring CRP workshop on the Marcellus Shale drilling initiative in Tioga County received the award for Outstanding Student Project by the American Planning Association’s New York Upstate Chapter. 

The students spent several weeks working closely with countywide taskforce, Tioga Investigates Natural Gas (TING), meeting with community stakeholders, touring gas drilling sites, developing an understanding of the county’s spatial organization, and collecting primary data. Without advocating for or against gas drilling, they explored and researched the projected impacts and challenges that drilling could have on the community, including identified points of economic, environmental, and social vulnerability. They developed processes to assist with the decision-making of future energy issues that could have both long- and short-term impacts on the socio-economic environment of small municipalities throughout New York state. As a result of their research, the students produced the “Tioga County Resource Binder: Drilling in the Marcellus Shale,” a collection of tools, strategies, and processes for dealing with complex energy issues. 

The winning team members are Sung Hag Ahn (B.S. URS ’10), Hyun Do (B.S. URS ’10), Nathaniel Decker (M.R.P. ’11), Meghan Jacquet (M.R.P. ’10), Christopher Koenig (M.R.P. ’10), Davis Archer ’11, Isaac Arginteanu ’12, Rachel Cluett ’10, Elizabeth Goodwin ’12, Esther Kwan ’11, Michael Roberts ’11, Emily Barber ’10, and Paul Barber ’12. They come from diverse fields of study, including city and regional planning, natural resources, environmental science, industrial labor relations, business, and government.

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