Molly Messersmith, Jeffrey Ayars, and Da Ying: Inapprorpiation

Coming together for a final B.F.A. Thesis show, Da Ying (B.F.A. '13), Jeff Ayars (B.F.A. '13), and Molly Messersmith (B.F.A. '13) create a show of contemporary fantasies. Ying has returned to Zhang Daquian's watercolor landscape of the Yangtze River, using digital means to understand Daquian's journey in today's sociopolitical context. Ayars explores personas in film using an exhaustive history of Ryan Gosling quotes. Ayars film will premier at Cinemapolis on Friday, May 24 at 4 p.m. Messersmith's portraits juxtapose highly-saturated constructions of conventional female attractiveness with the young women who are supposed to embody them.

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