MMHESS Final Presentation Workshop (Seoul)

“Super species are the phenomenally successful invasive life forms that are dominating ecosystems. These animals, plants, and microbes have spread far from their native habitats, most often as a result of human activities. The key to super species' success is their ability to adapt quickly. Super species may be unusually aggressive, difficult to kill, unfazed by the presence and activity of humans, capable of astonishingly rapid rates of growth and reproduction, exceptionally tolerant of pollution or, in many cases, all of the above.” 

(Garry Hamilton, Super Species: The Creatures That Will Dominate the Planet, 2010)

MMHESS has visited Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kyoto, Gyeongju, and Seoul to investigate and document the conflicts and negotiations between the traditional fabric of the city and the new urban transformations of globalization and its agencies. With the chaotic pace of development of its cities, the traditional fabric has become hybridized with the new to form mutant species of the urban terrain. Discussions of preservation and heritage can only progress under the rubric of national identity, tourism, and marketability. In the turmoil of the urban survival of the fittest, strategies of negotiation ranges in the realms of scale, tectonics, typology, symbolism, site, supplements, function, performance, objectification, and decoration.

As biologists who embark on travels to far distant lands to discover new and hybrid species of the ecological system, we too embarked on this trip to map out the hybrid species of the urban ecological system into a Manual of Mutants, Hybrids, Endangered, Super Species. MMHESS will investigate the morphology of natural selection of the urban territories. The intent is to map methodologies of survival between the old, the new, the old new, and the new old. 

A reception will follow the workshop from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the rooftop garden.

Sanki Choe / Principal of SCA, University of Seoul
Jisop Han / Principal of J Partners and Architects
Nahyun Hwang / Principal of NHDM, University of Michigan
Jinhee Park / Principal of SSD, Harvard University
Eric Reeder / Konkuk University
Bart Reuser / Principal of NEXT, University of Seoul
Yehre Suh / Director of MMHESS, Principal of OUT, Cornell University
Soo-in Yang / Principal of The Living, Columbia University

MMHESS is a Research Studio conducted by the 2011 Cornell University Architecture Summer Program from May 30 to July 22, 2011.

This event is sponsored by Department of Architecture and the University of Seoul’s Department of Architecture

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