Milstein Hall construction summary, June 13 to July 10

July 14, 2009

Work started/completed from June 13 to July 10, 2009:

  • Work on underpinning for Rand Hall's south and west walls and Sibley Hall's north wall begun.
  • Along the north facade of Sibley Hall, conduit was installed to accommodate temporary electrical power.
  • Work continues on the water supply for the Foundry's new sprinkler system and the installation of a new fire hydrant.
  • The Sibley parking lot was closed for construction activity.
  • Doors leading from Sibley Hall to the construction site have been blocked.
  • Basement windows along Sibley Hall's north side have been covered.
  • The construction fence around the project site was completed and work was begun on temporary lighting along the fence.
  • The access road through the Arts Quad to Lincoln Hall was widened to allow for a turnaround.
  • University Ave., between East Ave. and Central Ave., was closed for the remainder of construction (Aug. 2011).
  • The construction webcam is live.

Upcoming activity:

  • By end of July the underpinning work on Rand Hall will be finished.
  • Installation of sewer and storm drains near Lincoln Hall will begin.
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