Mildred Warner: Recent News

November 7, 2006

CRP associate professor Mildred Warner, who studies privatization of local government services, was invited speaker at the University of Cardiff Business School in Wales, the Center for Rural Economy at the University of Newcastle in England, and the Center for Research on Economics and Policy at the University of Barcelona. 

In Barcelona she was part of an international workshop on local government reform examining privatization and public-private collaboration. Warner is also an external advisor on two international grants addressing privatization, and was keynote speaker for the New Zealand Local Government Conference in July. 

With visiting assistant professor Yael Levitte, Warner was awarded a $6,000 grant from Cornell’s Bronfenbrenner Life Course Institute to establish a working group of researchers using the new American Time Use Survey. In collaboration with applied economics and management professors James Pratt and David Kay, Warner plans to use the ATUS to build regional economic models constrained by labor time.

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