Mildred Warner has new publications

July 4, 2007

Associate Professor Mildred Warner of city and regional planning is a coauthor of the cover story in Planning magazine’s June 2007 issue. Titled “Putting Child Care in the Picture,” the article explains why child care is a critical part of community infrastructure. She has also published articles relating to child care in Applied Developmental Science, Growth and Change (forthcoming) and Practicing Planner (March 2007).

Warner is a coauthor of several articles concerning privatization in recent or forthcoming issues of Public Administration, Local Government Studies, Public Administration Review, and Administration and Society.

In March 2007 she co-presented “Social Inclusion or Exclusion? A Comparison of EU and US Rural Development Policies” at the QUCAN Rural Policy Network conference in Inverness, Scotland. In April she was keynote speaker on “Reframing Childcare as Economic Development” in Manitoba, Canada.

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