Michael Hensel: Sustaining Sustainability: The Need for​ Alternative Approaches to Architectural Design and Sustainability

Keynote Address for the Hans and Roger Strauch Symposium on Sustainable Design

Michael Hensel is an architect, researcher, educator, and writer. He is professor for architecture at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design where he directs the Research Center for Architecture and Tectonics. He cofounded OCEAN in 1994, and is founding chairman and board member of the OCEAN Design Research Association. He is also board member the Sustainable Environment Association and the Biomimetics Network for Industrial Sustainability, as well as editorial board member of AD. His research efforts include the formulation of an integrated theoretical and methodological framework for a non-discrete and non-anthropocentric performance-oriented architecture, rethinking architectural history from a performance perspective, integrating the built and natural environment, and charting and developing research by design efforts in architecture. Forthcoming publications include a primer on Performance-Oriented Architecture, as well as The Handbook for Traditional Sustainable Buildings.

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