M.F.A. Group Exhibition: A Long Toast

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The Cornell University Department of Art is pleased to present A Long Toast, the 2022 M.F.A. group exhibition at Ortega y Gasset Projects in New York City.

Artists include:

  • Erika Germain (M.F.A. '22)
  • Giselle Hobbs (M.F.A. '23)
  • Shelby Johnson (M.F.A. '23)
  • Annamariah Knox (M.F.A. '23)
  • Tina Lam (M.F.A. '22)
  • Christina McDonald (M.F.A. '22)
  • Erin Miller (M.F.A. '22)
  • David Nasca (M.F.A. '22)
  • Bec Sommer (M.F.A. '23)
  • Emily Tatro (M.F.A. '23)
  • Layla Zubi (M.F.A. '22)
Funding for this exhibition is provided in part by the Cornell Council for the Arts, Department of Art, and AAP Alumni Affairs and Development.

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