Melody Stein: Fujino, Kanagawa 藤野町

Work by Melody Stein.

In recent years, land use changes, impacts of nuclear contamination, and the calamitous effects of introduced and invasive species have redefined the continually shifting landscapes of rural Japan. Created concurrently with a more structured investigation into traditional Japanese textile design, these fabrics represent a personal interpretation of the mountainous forests and agricultural lands surrounding my studio. Serving as documentation of the performative action of walking through the mountains gathering plants, fungi, and soil between pieces of silk cloth, the resulting piece becomes evidence of a process-based, methodical system of collection and compilation. Each cloth becomes a representation of the condition and biodiversity of the specific geographic area in which it was created. Through working directly within the landscape, this project exists as a new definition of a sketch, a snapshot, a field notebook.

Melody Stein's (B.F.A. '16) show includes work made during a summer residency program in Fujino, Japan partially funded by the Gibbian Rosewater Traveling Research Award.

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