Mauro Parravicini: The Renovation of the Mercati Generali in Rome

Mauro Parravicini received his degree from the Politecnico of Milan. In 2005 he became a senior architect at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). Currently, he is the project manager on the renovation of the former Mercati Generali in Rome and co-project manager on De Rotterdam Tower. Prior to joining OMA, Parravicini worked for Renzo Piano in Paris on the renovation of the former FIAT-Lingotto factory in Turin, Italy, and in 2004 he collaborated with Giancarlo De Carlo (Milan) on a housing complex in Beirut, Lebanon. Other projects include Cordoba Congress Center, Spain; Zaragoza Museum Competition, Spain; Shenzhen Stock Exchange Tower Competition, s, China; Dubai Porsche Design Building, UAE; Paris-La Defense Phare Tower Competition, France.

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