Matthew Weinstein: A Discussion of Recent Work

Gold Man Screen

Matthew Weinstein is a visual artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Weinstein's diverse background includes theater, acting, film, screenwriting, and painting. Weinstein works extensively in 3D animation and transfers the technical and narrative concerns of this medium into an art world still unaccustomed to its presence. Weinstein has assembled a small animation production community that assists in the production of his work. Weinstein creates fully realized 3D animated characters, writes dialogue and songs for them, and then works with actors and musicians to bring them to life. Commercial media production processes are mirrored in Weinstein's work, which functions simultaneously as critique and participant in the culture industry by using commercial processes (computer animation, vinyl stencils, airbrush, metal patination, metal casting) to embody hyper-subjective content. Taking the phenomenological concept of world uncovering to personal extremes, Weinstein uncovers a polymath, creatively integrated and always transforming aesthetic cosmos.

Weinstein has exhibited at the new Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, the Kunsthalle in Vienna, the Matisse Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Denver Museum, and the Hirshhorn Museum among others; as well as many U.S. and international galleries. He recently completed an animation project with the Charlotte, North Carolina symphony. An upcoming project is a 20-minute film based on the writings of British stream of consciousness writer Anna Kavan. This piece will be the first project within Cornell Tech's program Art Foo, in which a computer programmer elevates the technological possibilities of a media artist over a six-month period. The focus will be interactivity.

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