Matthew Mitchell: Baker Program in Real Estate's Distinguished Speaker Series

Matthew Mitchell cofounded SteepRock Capital in 2009, and has served as comanaging partner since SteepRock's inception. SteepRock Capital is a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring and originating mezzanine loans and subordinate debt positions encumbering domestic institutional quality real estate. SteepRock currently serves as sub-advisor to KKR Real Estate Finance Trust, a private KKR sponsored mortgage REIT. SteepRock has acquired approximately $400 million of mezzanine loans and subordinate debt positions.

Mitchell primarily focuses on originating new investment opportunities and overseeing asset management of SteepRock's current portfolio. Prior to SteepRock,Mitchell served as executive vice president of acquisitions at Colonnade Properties LLC, an opportunistic real estate investment firm. Mitchell graduated from Cornell in 1997.

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