Matt Dellinger: The Road Ahead: Mapping the Future of Transportation in America — A Big-picture Look at How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives, and How Politics Shapes the Built Environment

Matt Dellinger is the author of Interstate 69: The Unfinished History of the Last Great American Highway (Scribner, 2010). He was born and raised in Indianapolis and now lives in Brooklyn. He is a writer, photographer, and multimedia producer. Dellinger has contributed articles to the New Yorker, the Atlantic, the New York Times, the Oxford American, and Smithsonian. For 11 years he worked on the staff of the New Yorker as an illustrations editor and manager of the magazine's website. He also oversaw editorial projects and coached the staff softball team. From June 2007 through August 2008 he produced and hosted the magazine's first weekly podcast, the New Yorker Out Loud. Matt is a frequent guest on WNYC’s national morning news program, The Takeaway, commenting on new urbanism, high-speed rail, public transit, and the state of transportation infrastructure.

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