Mascorella Wins Dissertation Research Grant

March 1, 2018

Anna Mascorella, a Ph.D. candidate in the history of architecture and urban development, was recently awarded the 2018 Dissertation Research Grant from the Italian Art Society (IAS). The society awards travel and research grants to IAS members engaged in the study of Italian art and architecture from prehistory to the present.

Mascorella's dissertation, "Restore, Displace, Appropriate: Negotiating the Baroque Legacy in Fascist Rome," focuses on the redesign of Rome that was initiated by Italy's National Fascist Party (PNF) in the 1920s. According to the dissertation's abstract, while the regime celebrated Rome's ancient, medieval, and Renaissance heritage during its renovation of the city, the foreign associations of Rome's Baroque past — particularly the Spanish influence — proved to be controversial. Mascorella's thesis thus analyzes how the regime confronted the architectural and sociocultural legacies of early modern intra-European colonialism in Rome's urban fabric. Examining how the PNF restored churches, displaced the lower classes, and appropriated enduring Baroque projects, the dissertation illustrates how the regime identified and mediated the "foreign" across the capital in an effort to reassert Rome's prestige on its own aesthetic and nationalistic terms.

Mascorella plans to use the $1,000 grant to support her dissertation research in Rome this spring.

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