Maria Hurtado de Mendoza: numbers

Department of Architecture Fall 2011 Lecture Series

Madrid-based architect María Hurtado de Mendoza leads estudio.entresitio along with her brother José and César Jiménez de Tejada Benavides. The firm has won several competitions which allowed them to build subsidized housing, healthcare centers, and a partial refurbishment of the Glass Pavilion in Madrid, originally designed by Asis Cabrero in 1964. María and José were both recognized by the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts, Rome and the studio was a Design Vanguard winner in 2007. The firm’s design of the San Blas Healthcare Centre received several prizes as a Mention in the 10th Biennial of Spanish Architecture (2009), an ASCER prize of interior design (2007), the City of Madrid public building by Madrid’s Town Council (2007), prize IV ENOR’s prize in Madrid demarcation (2008), the third BigMat prize of architecture, and selected at Panorama de Obras de Arquitectura VII BIAU (Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo) in Medellin-Colombia and Madrid.

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