Margherita Fabrizio: Out of the Past: Photographs from a father and a daughter conversing across time

Photographic images from one generation merge and converse with the next in this exhibit to be shown in Cornell University’s Sibley Hall Hartell Gallery from August 6 – 24, 2007. College of Architecture, Art, and Planning administrator and life-long photographer, Margherita Fabrizio, was recently awarded a Cornell Council on the Arts grant to generate this new compilation of images which she refers to as timescapes.

“I grew up making photographs with my father who was a professional photographer, and had always wanted to do an exhibit with him but never had the opportunity. I have juxtaposed images of his with mine, creating triptychs, and these unified images have now become new, complete thoughts.

This is my first foray into digital printing, and it is particularly wonderful that even nearly 15 years after my father’s death, he is still central to my learning about image-making. Many of my father’s negatives had been in boxes for the last 60 years ----discovering them and then printing them with 21st century technology, in combination with my own, has been a true delight and a real conversation across time.”

In addition to the triptychs, Margherita is exhibiting photographs of painted wall signs, another conversation with the past that she has been engaged in over the last eight years.

Proceeds from print sales will be donated to Orbis International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to blindness prevention and treatment in developing countries.

This project was supported in part by a grant from the Cornell Council of the Arts.

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