M.Arch.II Student Wins Architectural Installation Contest

Pulp Canopy by Katie Donahue

Donahue's Pulp Canopy will be featured in the June exhibit Bigger than a Breadbox at the Boston Society of Architects. rendering / Katie Donahue (M.Arch.II '15)

May 20, 2015

Khôra exhibition curators Robert Trumbour and Aaron Willette organized the Bigger than a Breadbox, Smaller than a Building competition as a means to explore the medium of installation in the architectural realm, specifically the medium's increasing appeal among emerging architects and designers due to its dual spatial-artistic qualities.

For the competition, entrants had to further develop a previous proposal into a new site-specific installation for the Boston Society of Architects gallery lobby. Now that the winning submissions have been chosen, they will be realized in preparation for the Bigger than a Breadbox exhibition, opening on June 17.

The winning proposal, The Pulp Canopy, by Katie Donahue (M.Arch.II '15) and Mason Limke of MYKA investigates the architectural applications of cellulose fiber (paper pulp), which is considered to be the "most abundant raw material on the planet." Originating from its earlier form as The Pulp Wall, The Pulp Canopy consists of discarded paper products that are collected, turned into pulp, and reshaped into modules that possess variations of thinness, transparency, and texture.

The exhibition will also display the proposals of the honorable mention teams: Michael Leighton Beaman & Zaneta Hong, Beta-Field; Catie Newel, Alibi Studio; Justin Diles; Clay Odom, StudioModo; and +FARM.

By Justine Testado, Archinect

This article originally appeared in Archinect on May 14. Reprinted with permission.

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