M.Arch.II AAP NYC Exhibition: Architecture +

The M.Arch.II students at AAP NYC. photo / Carmen Johnson

Please join us for an exhibition and reception to celebrate studio work created for three consecutive design studios held at AAP NYC during June and July.

Architecture + Urbanism
Instructor: Felipe Correa
This module examined that role of regular systems in the city. It specifically focused on the relationship between the geometry of the grid and the morphology of the urban block as a space of architectural and urban experimentation.

Architecture + Ecology:
Instructor: Tei Carpenter and Jesse Lecavalier
This workshop explored an expanded idea of ecology that encompasses not just the natural environment but also recognized the entanglements of human-made products and byproducts within its definition. Our interest here is specifically in the waste and infrastructure systems that are part of the ecology of the city.

Architecture + Discourse:
Instructor: Michael Young and Kutan Ayata
It is not too much of a stretch to claim that all architectural design today passes through digital mediation. Over the past 25 years, this has created several strains of apologist and detractors for the changes created in the discipline of architecture. Instead of negating architectural traditions with a novel mode of design, we instead find that there needs to be an increased attention to the relations between discourse and aesthetics that follow architectural conventions.

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