Manville's Chapter on Parking Pricing Wins Editorial Award

August 4, 2015

Assistant Professor Michael Manville, CRP, published a chapter titled "Parking Pricing" in the book Parking: Issues and Policies. The chapter has been selected by the editorial team at Emerald Publishing as an Outstanding Author Contribution, and received a 2015 Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence.

Drawing primarily on examples from the U.S., the chapter explains how cities often misprice street parking, and the consequences that flow from those pricing errors. Manville argues that most parking in American cities is free or underpriced (relative to nearby off-street parking), which creates the justification for trolling for parking spaces and minimum parking requirements.

The chapter shows that contrary to commonly held perceptions, off-street parking in U.S. downtowns is usually available, and that on-street parking charges are often lower than round-trip transit fares, even though drivers are on average more affluent than transit riders.

The editors called the chapter "one of the most impressive pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2014."

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