Lourdes Beneria studies policies to balance family and labor market work

July 4, 2007

CRP professor Lourdes Beneria has been involved in a study of policies to balance family and labor market work in the European Union, particularly in Spain, and in Latin America. The study examines the adequacy of currently evolving European policies for the labor market conditions prevailing in developing countries. Beneria has been collaborating with a UNFPA project dealing with these issues in the Latin American region, and was one of the participants in the virtual International Symposium on Gender and Social Cohesion that took place during May 1–15, 2007. The conference was organized by UNFPA and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. The initial phase of this work has been published in the article “Trabajo productivo/reproductivo, pobreza y politicas de conciliación en America Latina: Consideraciones teóricas y practicas,” in Luis Mora, ed., Cohesión social, politicas conciliatorias y presupuesto público, UNFPA/GTZ, Mexico City, 2006.

Beneria has been appointed a member of the Scientific Committee for the upcoming Congress on International Migration and Co-Development, to be held at the University of Alicante, Spain, November 15–17, 2007.

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